As iv written before at the height of lockdown I wound up having a bought with psychosis, I was into keeping a diary at that time. I found it a good catharsis, a good way to let out my anger, my depression, my feelings of helplessness and suicidal thoughts. I wanted to share because I still believe I do have something to worry about rather we all have something to worry about. I thought it would be good to share honestly how “the other side” feels, what it looks like as you replace rights with permissions. Its what it feels like for some when collectivist ideology goes too far as it is with climate concerns, covid policy and even things like your organ donations, things that involve your own body.  At this time while it was being talked about vaccine passports had not yet been introduced and had no legal mandate ether. Since thigs have changed, in terms of freedoms things have gotten worse. (Fair Warning contains strong langue) 

What’s happening in the world is big, really big people have no idea how big. The very way we live our lives is changing and we have to be careful we don’t lose something. Something so vital that without it life would be not worth living, that something is freedom. Freedom sounds so simple, a word that is perhaps the most famous word in the English language. To put in simple terms a free society has minimal restrictions on liberty, minimal state involvement with an individual’s privet life. Steve Forbes wrote “When the government of China tells people they can read state-run newspapers but not print and distribute Bibles, imprisoning and torturing dissenters; or have one child but not two, forcing women to have abortions; or watch state-run television but not listen to Radio Free Asia, jamming broadcast signals and threatening students–that is not freedom.

But the absence of centralized state control is not necessarily freedom, either. The people of Beirut are not free. Neither are the people of Medellin and Cartagena, the drug capitals of Colombia. Freedom is not anarchy, chaos, and mayhem. The freedom to “let soulless forces operate,” as the great classical liberal economist Ludwig von Mises termed it, is actually tyranny in another guise.” Its is a problem finding a balance.

Steve Goes on to write in 1997, that the world is looking to America to answer the questions of how a deeply pluralistic society can hold itself together. Namely how can such a nation like America maintain freedom without plunging into chaos, he asks “what is the moral basis for freedom?”. He comments that nations all over the world are looking to America as they make the transition to free markets, free elections, free speech and free worship. Places from Mexico City to Moscow, Johannesburg to Jerusalem, from Bombay to Beijing.

Steve wrights “As the 20th century comes to an end, the world is learning from America that the economic and political freedoms that come from capitalism and democracy are the most powerful and productive way to organize society. At the same time, we in America are discovering that capitalism and democracy alone are not enough to sustain a healthy, vibrant society. We are learning the hard way that a self-governing nation must consist of self-governing individuals. A breakdown in the moral fabric of society has dire consequences. An explosion of violence, crime, drug, sexual promiscuity, and out-of-wedlock births undermines the blessings of liberty and prosperity.” Self-governing nation must consist of self-governing individuals, now is that not the essence of a free society? Yet what is it we see before our eyes, America her self has deviated form the path of freedom. Many nations round the world have too given up the notation of a free society in the face of Covid. I go as far to say a free society does not force through increasing restrictions and vaccinations, does not have vaccination passports and does not censor free speech as social media platforms have done. Free society does not require a medical treatment to access venues, to work and does not replace rights with permissions. On one had these governments say it is a free choice to take the vaccination or not, on the other hand they impose restrictions on work and on access to social events. Government’s policy has taken over the personal interactions of people and through fear changed the very way we interact with each other in work and our private lives. What I see before my eyes, what governments have done in my view; is totalitarian, autocratic and reeks of the so-called positivism displayed in Nazi Germany namely the circular argument a law is law because it’s a law.

The best way to describe freedom is as an environment in witch one may resist evil and do what is wright without fear of reprisal according to Steve, an environment that offers individuals and families equal opportunities to better their lives. A society is not free when participation in it depends on whether or not you’ve had a vaccination, a free society is not one that allows the censor of its citizens because they hold a difference of opinion. Freedom is in opposition to necessity according to Locke, the whole things is rather and beautifully explained. A Woman in a locked room is not free with respect to the act of leaving (or with respect to forbearance to leave) because she does not have the power to leave if and when she wills to leave. (SEP) the same is true for a vaccination, if the door to social interactions including work if the door is lock to if you– if one prefers not to take it then the choice is no free choice. One is in effect in a locked  room and not free to leave until X conditions have been filled.


The Diary Entry

“The trouble with living is that the world thinks you owe it something. You’re born to a family, luck of the draw, The most important years of your life you are not nurtured rather imposed upon. Expected to pay in time for the right to live, odd that.

If they could they would tax the very air you breathe. Oh wait they already did that! If they could they would, tax hair growth its true. They would. The irony is over half the population, well more than half I should say, would agree that you should be taxed for the air you breathe. Bizzaro! They call it carbon tax and think because it’s indirect they don’t pay for it, people have become that Numb. Your taxed on your income, on shipping, taxed on your business, taxed on the road! taxed on your energy and taxed on your home. Taxed on the things you buy. This is normal, bizarro!

Theft is normal Fuck! 

What’s worse half the world more rather would of all agree that this is normal. They say even that you owe them your organs, ha the cheek. Opt out if you like they say. For the first time I agree in a sense with the socialist, fuck the system of greed. We’re born free they say then impose a world of reactions, born a slave now go. If it sounds like a racket that’s because it is.

Death and taxes, give me death. I don’t work for a racket. 

Your taxed on sugar because others agree you should eat healthy, the same is true for smoking and for drinking, beyond the pale. Fuck all to do with them. Still don’t forget they believe as a group the individual and his liberty should all just die and call it good, if not knowing what they do.

Your life is not your own bare that always in mind, give all the fascists a good peace of mind. Rather I say!  it is about flourishing not conforming, we have forgotten that in the 21st century. We know this because they are after your Organs. Not even your body is sacred Your body belongs to the government. It’s not your own, opt out they say the default is you’re ours. What next, who knows social conformity is like that. One day you wake up and find your house is not your own, property has become community property all of it so. Lo, the soul dies, crushed by millions voices telling you no.

To them I say fuck you. 

Meekly I shall live with a labelled mad man. There is no philosophy for people like me, that can’t live simply and in peace. Cant live without being someone else property because bothers agree on bullshit that has fuck all to do with them. The stoics say to be not like them, they say suicide is not a choice, they prefer the soul should suffer and say it is merely a choice. Perhaps so in year with three digits not in the 21st century. In this century and philosophy, freedom and liberty all died. Because someone sneezed. The collectivist urge that diminishes freedom has reared up its head to say boo.”

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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