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As iv written before at the height of lockdown I wound up having a bought with psychosis, I was into keeping a diary at that time. I found it a good catharsis, a good way to let out my anger, my depression, my feelings of helplessness and suicidal thoughts. I wanted to share because IContinue reading “054”


Getting my life back together It has now been seven month since psychosis, I cost me a lot and was brought about with a combination of guilt and the stress of lockdown. I was essentially stuck with my thoughts and took the whole totalitarian measures verry hard. I watched as governments round the world stripContinue reading “053”


What image of man do we see in the mirror of our present times? It is probably the most important question to ask and serval times and keep asking, I keep asking in the hope I am wrong. Its hart to accept that the image of our times is totalitarian. yet it is a questionContinue reading “052”

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