Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. There has been some exciting news in the realm of batteries, new Nuclear Diamond batteries cold be hitting the shelves and powering your devices as soon 2024. These batteries could run for 2800 years without charging, they run by utilising the electrical properties of diamond activated byContinue reading “078”


Hi all, hope everyone is keeping well. In recent news I joined Twitter for a few days as Elon Musk bought it. I found it rather a mess, it’s a war zone. Too I found myself on those few days glued to the endless stream of tweets, constantly checking for notifications. Its like a carContinue reading “077”


Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. Sticking with the topic of my last few posts, I have been thinking more about the self. The self as I described is the whole of person, to be complete one must incorporate all three aspects of the mind. Its not that one aspect of I.D,Continue reading “076”


Hi everyone, I hope you all are keeping well. Sticking with my thoughts of the last three blogs, I think I have a fair understanding of what for me seems to make sense regards to the mind body problem. To summarise: the mind body problem explores the relationship between the mind and the body, namelyContinue reading “075”


Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. I been thinking more about the nature of consciousness (Ego), continuing from my last two blogs. Ill now make the statement that Ego is freedom or free will, that part of the self that is self-reflective is the part that allows us to be unruled by theContinue reading “074”


Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. I have been thinking more about my last post, the mind body problem. There was a lot of holes in it. I think in this post I will stick to the concept of the I.D, Ego and Superego. I thank part of the problem I have isContinue reading “073”


Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. I thought I would revisit an old topic, a topic I have talked about in the past when I was running Facebook groups and pages. Since then, iv gone through some things. Things that make question my old beliefs and assumption, so I thought (at least forContinue reading “072”


Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself of late, so that’s some good news for me. Though there’s not much in the way good news in the media. My last few posts delt with my somewhat muddled thoughts around reciprocity, so thanks for baring with me throughContinue reading “071”


Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. I know right another entry, I guess I have a lot to say on the topic iv been covering in my last three posts. I worried though, I worried what people might think i mean in a system of full reciprocity as I described in post 069.Continue reading “070”


Hi all, hope everyone is keeping well. I’ve been thinking a bit more about reciprocity, the give and take in society and what I mean bit and full reciprocity. Reciprocity describes the mutual advantage between parties, in terms of individual interactions such as buying something or providing a service. In exchange for a good orContinue reading “069”


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