Hi everyone, sorry iv not been posting. I feel thankful today, I’m thankful for my good health, my improving mental health, I’m thankful I’m no longer on Facebook. It’s given me the mind space I need to get better and move past a lot of the anger I held for the world. I wanted toContinue reading “060”


My last post didn’t do to well, I think I understand why. The post started out ok yet I struggled to justify in it that one, to reason is impulse, two that reason is emotional and three that morality is a relative phenomenon and can be too counted an a nomina. My last post wentContinue reading “O59”


What is a Moral? It to me a very hard question to answer, in my former post we established that morals are something we feel like an emotion, its how we behave and its how we survive in groups. We touched on morality as being rational witch seems like a contradiction to the idea ofContinue reading “058”


not the post I planed to post next, I was out and about today and wrote this. Passing By Sitting Waiting Life passing by Journey Traveling  Life passing by Weary  Sleeping Life passing by Walking  Talking Life passing by Taking Grabbing Life passing by


What is a Moral? There are morals and there ethics more often than not the two are conflated, yet they described in actual fact two very different things. We feel morals hence we have morality it describes behaviour and we write down ethics. Doctors have a code of ethics- morals are the prevailing standards of behaviorContinue reading “056”


I wanted to share with you all one my lasted diary entries.  Who am I? This question plagues my waking days of late, I simply don’t know who I am. I don’t know what my values are where they are. I looked under the couch but couldn’t find them, lol. However, it is a serousContinue reading “055”


As iv written before at the height of lockdown I wound up having a bought with psychosis, I was into keeping a diary at that time. I found it a good catharsis, a good way to let out my anger, my depression, my feelings of helplessness and suicidal thoughts. I wanted to share because IContinue reading “054”


Getting my life back together It has now been seven month since psychosis, I cost me a lot and was brought about with a combination of guilt and the stress of lockdown. I was essentially stuck with my thoughts and took the whole totalitarian measures verry hard. I watched as governments round the world stripContinue reading “053”


What image of man do we see in the mirror of our present times? It is probably the most important question to ask and serval times and keep asking, I keep asking in the hope I am wrong. Its hart to accept that the image of our times is totalitarian. yet it is a questionContinue reading “052”


What kind of future are we leaving for the next generations? “It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion” Josef Goebbels German Nazi politician and district leader of Berlin. This is a stamen of fascism what it means is that the sate has the right to form andContinue reading “051”


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