097 – Freedom of Speech – Part Three

Hi all, hope you are keeping well. In my last two posts I detailed the history of Freedom of Speech and I’m now to continue with my thoughts on the topic, I strongly encourage you after reading to share your thoughts too. Regardless of what platform you are on, it’s an important conversation we needContinue reading “097 – Freedom of Speech – Part Three”

096- Freedom of Speech – Part Two

Hi all, hope you all are keeping well. Took me a bit longer than I expected to do this post, but here it is. Now to continue from where I left off in post 095 – Free Speech – Part One. We left off in 1685, the French government revokes The Edict of Nantes andContinue reading “096- Freedom of Speech – Part Two”

095 – Freedom of Speech – Part One

Hi all, hope you are all keeping well. I have been thinking about free speech more or as it’s called the freedom of speech, specifically what’s good about it? What’s bad about it? Why is it important? I thought this was important to explore for myself because we are seeing that there are loud andContinue reading “095 – Freedom of Speech – Part One”


Hello all. I hope you are keeping well. I feel iv progressed a lot in my philosophical journey to better understand myself and reality. I wanted to summarise what I found helpful in medeating my own mind, including my most recent realisations and incorporating that into what I have already shared with you along theContinue reading “092”


Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. I have finished a reading of Plato’s Republic and have to say it a truly fascinating read. While the republic is the basis for a constitution making a sound argument for it, its primary goal was to distinguish what pays best injustice or justice—defining what a goodContinue reading “090”