Today I’m going to introduce you to “The Socialist International” a not so secret international political conglomerate of radicals set to the task of Socialist Revolution. A vanguard of Socialist working to influence politics the world over, despite this most of you according to polls have barely if at all heard of it. So, the best thing to do is tell you about them, giving you the information you need to decide for yourself what you want: not some stuffy Trotsky styled Marxist in a side room. There have been three international organizations 1864 leading to the present – day, the “first and second international” formed in London from Communist, socialist and anarchist political groups and labour unions in 1864-1916. The international socialist commission was formed in a Swedish town called Berne, thus is also called the Berne International February 1919 from parties that wanted to bring back the second international. Also, in March of that year in Moscow the third international known as the comintern or the communist international. This came to close in 1940 following that from 1951 – present day the socialist international or league of internal socialists came. This being the latest iteration it is this we will focus on.

The Socialist International is an international political organisation comprising 135 member parties throughout the world, from Europe, The Americas, Asia and the Middle East. 101 of the member parties are active in government ether by ruling majority, opposition or junior party coalitions. It’s Key task as self-described; “strengthen relations between member parties and to coordinate their political attitudes and activities…”,(without your knowledge) forming out of the Frankfurt congress. This international consortium of political parties in its words, shall form a supreme council of socialists, it shall make necessary decisions, create its own rules and set of ethics as well as set budget and policy by way of committee voting. This is all done without your express knowledge it would appear. 

The overall goal is to bring about what is being called “democratic socialism” the 1951 Frankfurt Declaration issued by the international league of socialists in July 3rd, condemned capitalism as causing economic inequality “placing right to ownership before the rights of men” as seen from Marxist view of individual rights: namely that individual rights are oppressive in nature. The declaration was updated in June 1989 at a conference in Stockholm. Declaring capitalism coincided with devastating crisis and mass unemployment. Contrary to evidence regarding the results of capitalism nor the nature of capitalism that insurers the rights of individuals from others. It also in 1989 declared its opposition to Bolshevik communism, describing itself however as Trotskyist. Trotskyism also called Classical Marxism, is a political ideology that advocates that the only means to change is revolution as opposed to reform or adaption. It advocates to achieve this by means of class struggle the goal being to redistribute wealth by means of force. In the case or in modern terms by voting. Blaming the holders of wealth (capitalists) for the poverty of others. Ascribing capitalism as philosophy to the philosophy of greed and selfishness. On the Marxist proposal that Individual laws are oppressive as not all people are equally capable, Howe individual laws must be by sum standard measures and thus unfair rather oppressive to the less fortunate. Basically, if someone is successful and has more than someone else they have done so at the expense of others. Which of course is just naive. Ignorant even of the nature of inflation and deflation, the reasons people can’t afford to live. 

The Socialist International is the body’s behind the modern Labour Party in Britain among others, the Democrat party in America. It is behind proposals that have seen the above mentioned demonstrations, reactions and disruptions through political activism. Also the sentiment that we need to take extreme measures against the capitalist economic system. That it is the rich that are the reasons for all the bad things in the world. It is my belief it is this revolutionary notion that manifests unnecessary divisions in society and stops real progress, by insuring division though concepts of us vs them identity politics [manifest in left vs right politics and critical race theory] that can only manifest conflict pushing society in the direction of a far left collectivist dystopia. Full of good intentions of course. Further I propose that it is this conglomerate that is lying to you about why ordinary people are feeling so economically pressed and uncomfortable as well as opportunistically using climate and environmental events out of context and distorted to create an environment that a revolution of their own design can manifest. [deliberately bushing people into economic hard ship] The reason you can’t afford a decent quality of Life isn’t because some guy you don’t know has over a trillion pounds, it’s because of inflation. To put into perspective for you. £1000 in 1950 is the equivalent of £32,572.73 in today’s money. That’s why you can’t afford to live on the minimum wage. Its why companies profit margins aren’t what they were. Also, how ceo’s justify raising their wages. The minimum wage in the UK didn’t exist till the 1990, and came in at around £3.50 – £6:50. Since then it has risen to £7 – £8.21 and a living wage of  £9 per hour. That’s on the high end a 38% increase in wages. The average CEO per hour works out today at £1020 per hour. In 1990 a Ceo expected to gain around £200 – £400 an hour. Making close to 1million or over per year. An increase of 155%. £1000 in 1990 today is equivalent to £1,992.33, that’s a difference 99%. Interestingly since 1950 the difference in value is 3157%. [That is that money 3157% less valuable] Workers in the UK have since 1987 saw a 68% increase in real wages. While government has increased minimum and living wages by 38%. The cumulative rate of inflation through the 90’s was 112%. It is very hard if not impossible to maintain inflation at levels that keep prices low and balanced the quality of life of individuals in a society, so a better way might be for western nations to deflate it currency rather than collapse under some subversive agenda the world’s most successful economic systems. 

So, it is folks that you now have a choice, do you think that such a subversive group and morally corrupt group of political parties deserves your trust. Are you happy that without your knowledge or participation geopolitical agendas are set and aimed at your rights? Your rights to property, inheritance, self-determination and the pursuit of happiness. Your right to make your own lot in life better for yourself. To close I hope 2021 is the year we Finlay put these childish Marxist style socialism to bed for good, and work towards real cooperation returning to the principles that manifest the most free society we have ever had. Place the individual first before the group, insuring and limiting the state of government, limit taxation and insuring freedom of expression. Also, that no man may impose on another measures or means against his wishes and that which would lead to oppression of any person or group in accordance with common law.

my next post will detail Trotskyism it will be delayed a few days.

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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