Trotskyism, is political ideology envisaged by Leon Trotsky 1879 -1940 based on the theory of permanent revolution. The theory of permanent revolution is a strategy of the revolutionary class pushing its own interest without compromise or alliance with opposing sections of society, it holds that an economic system (despite regional differences in how countries develop) had to be global in order for a single nations revolution to be permanent. Trotsky’s view was that in order for the Russian Revolution to be permanently successful it had to depend on revolutions in other nations, particularly in western Europe. The alternative Marxist idea was socialism in one nation an attitude of self-sufficiency and self-centeredness that the Soviet Union embodied as a core principle. Trotsky in 1924 launched an attack on the bureaucracy of the Soviet Union he supported the idea of more freedom for various trends in the unfolding politics of the Soviet Union but only so lang as they adhered in general to the party program. In 1929 Stalin after consolidating power exiled many political opponents, including Trotsky. To this end Trotsky labeled the Soviet bureaucracy Bonapartist meaning ruled on the dictatorship of one man as opposed to political party apparently. The Soviet Union controlling the Comintern, continued with some Trotsky styled behavior in supporting other communist regimes throughout the world.

With the rise of Fascism in Germany in the early 1930’s and the Comintern becoming subordinate to Stalin Trotskyists advocated for a united front with the trade unions to fight fascism along with the development of the Trotskyist Fourth International to replace the Comintern. In 1940 Stalin had Trotsky murdered. The Cominttern or Communist International referred to 1919-1943 iteration of a Marxist league aiming to coordinate and support revolutions of its ilk in other nations. The current international is the socialist international forming in 1951-present day, is self-described as Trotskyist.

The defining mark of Trotskyism therefor is the intention to set up a global system set about to create revolt and in conflict with anything opposed to the party agenda, supporting political activism crating a hegemony of socialist political parties’ while creating a global economic system around Marxist ideology only when the dominant economic and political system conforms to the party line then would the revolution be complete and permanent. Let’s look at what premiant revocation means in closer detail.  Permanent revolution is term within Marxist ideology the import subtext to that is “class struggle”, class struggle is the political tension and economic antagonism that exists in society. Trotskyism and Marxism as whole set about to increase those tensions in order to manifest socialist revolution leading to communism or classical Marxism namely permeant revolution. This necessarily involves an international organization set about to the task of creating Marxist revolution in other nations.

The other day I made my readers aware of the socialist internasal, that is an organization compressed of 135-member political parties that are active in over 100 nations including Britain and America. This organization that you have barely if at all heard about is to iterate once more (only to drive the point home) “self-proclaimed Trotskyist”, meaning it has made the declaration to facilitate class struggle and revolutionary activity in accordance with Marxist ideology the world over. Ultimately affecting your personal rights as is its primary goals, that is the redistribution of wealth and advocating that individual laws are oppressive, that these rights and individual freedom are oppressive in nature. Namely the laws that protect your work and your rights to make your own lot better in life and earn are by their nature oppressive, becous they have to be of some objective standard or measure. Thus thes rights and freedoms can only be unfair, thus elevating groups or collective rights above individual liberty. Making it so that individuals will have no representation in government or law. What’s worse it does all this without your express knowledge and labels the fruits of its labors “democratic Socialism”.

If you missed last post pleas find information on the “Socialist International” in blog “027”.

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