Hello everyone, I hope you all are keeping well. I’m feeling stronger than ever now in my mental health, there has been three factors to my mental health recovery. One is medication that I will soon be coming off of, two is the sessions with my physiologist processing life events and trauma, learning to dealContinue reading “081”


Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. Iv been thinking more about the nature of reality and perception, I’m struggling a bit to place perception in my world view. Though I think I’m getting a better idea of it. Perception as I said before is a tricky thing, it’s different for everyone– but whatContinue reading “079”


Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. There has been some exciting news in the realm of batteries, new Nuclear Diamond batteries cold be hitting the shelves and powering your devices as soon 2024. These batteries could run for 2800 years without charging, they run by utilising the electrical properties of diamond activated byContinue reading “078”