To understand the origin of compassion care and concern we have to dispel an old myth. That myth being Group Selection. Group Selection was championed by V.C. Wynn-Edwards in 1960 and popularised by an American TV show “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”. This is a misconception of the evolution of behaviour, Group selection was doneContinue reading “017”


Blog post 016 adapted form an essay I wrote in 2019. It is a bit of an annoyance to me that largely epistemologically speaking that knowledge is considered a subset of belief, in some manner that knowledge itself is uncertain rather than belief. That belief is considered a necessity to knowledge in the first IContinue reading “016”


Blog 014. Finally having fully finished Friedrich Nietzsche ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, it truly is a profound and complex book, filling my mind full of image’s. It’s too like a road map for self-improvement or self-overcoming. Its one those books I had for a while and having read the preface I thought that was enough boyContinue reading “014”


Blog 012, Theory of Aesthetic Mental Images. Aesthetic mental images play a large part in an animal’s behaviour.  In 1911 Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell presents a Christmas Day Lecture at The Royal Institution, Sir Peter was a zoologist of great weight and is a very respect figure. In his lecture he talked about a seriesContinue reading “012”


Blog 011 so, what can philosophy suggest to help? well since around the time of the sceptics around 100 BCE Relativism, Scepticism, stoicism and more modern philosophy such as Pluralism and Pragmatism have tried to insist that man should not wholly invest themselves in ideology, that man should treat all new information sceptically and bewareContinue reading “011”