What is a Moral? There are morals and there ethics more often than not the two are conflated, yet they described in actual fact two very different things. We feel morals hence we have morality it describes behaviour and we write down ethics. Doctors have a code of ethics- morals are the prevailing standards of behaviorContinue reading “056”


A short essay I wrote in 2018 On Wittgenstein: The Anti Philosopher’s Philosopher. No Nonsense Philosophy Project. The context of this essay is a series of discussions with many people, though I was motivated to write by someone whom will remain nameless,  his argument or concern I feel is that philosophy is so thoroughly interwovenContinue reading “040”


[I have had trouble formatting this post, I apologies I don’t know what up with it.] Nietzsche in his work Thus Spoke Zarathustra writes; “wherever I find a living being I find the will to power” He writes in the persona of Zarathustra “life itself told me this secret!”… Life: “I am that which mustContinue reading “036”


Blog post 016 adapted form an essay I wrote in 2019. It is a bit of an annoyance to me that largely epistemologically speaking that knowledge is considered a subset of belief, in some manner that knowledge itself is uncertain rather than belief. That belief is considered a necessity to knowledge in the first IContinue reading “016”


Blog 014. Finally having fully finished Friedrich Nietzsche ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, it truly is a profound and complex book, filling my mind full of image’s. It’s too like a road map for self-improvement or self-overcoming. Its one those books I had for a while and having read the preface I thought that was enough boyContinue reading “014”