Trotskyism, is political ideology envisaged by Leon Trotsky 1879 -1940 based on the theory of permanent revolution. The theory of permanent revolution is a strategy of the revolutionary class pushing its own interest without compromise or alliance with opposing sections of society, it holds that an economic system (despite regional differences in how countries develop)Continue reading “028”


Today I’m going to introduce you to “The Socialist International” a not so secret international political conglomerate of radicals set to the task of Socialist Revolution. A vanguard of Socialist working to influence politics the world over, despite this most of you according to polls have barely if at all heard of it. So, theContinue reading “027”


At the start of the year, I found myself in a metal hospital due to multiple factors including stress form the Lockdowns and childhood abuse. These abuse lead to lets say bad behave going through to my adult years, for five year previous I was trying to change that behaviour yet I always fell shortContinue reading “025”