A short essay I wrote in 2018 On Wittgenstein: The Anti Philosopher’s Philosopher. No Nonsense Philosophy Project. The context of this essay is a series of discussions with many people, though I was motivated to write by someone whom will remain nameless,  his argument or concern I feel is that philosophy is so thoroughly interwovenContinue reading “040”


Medical or Health Fascism what is it and why are we living un a unfree society? “Medical fascism is an offshoot of political fascism, and those who hold power in a medically fascist state behave in roughly the same manner. Examples of medical fascism include medical kidnapping, forced medical treatments, censoring or falsely altering theContinue reading “039”


What is it that makes a globalist? There’s globalism the recognition that the technology has effectively shrunk distance by making it easier and quicker to cross vast distances. A globalist thinks that this enviably means that a Global Government is necessary. Which it may very well do. However, what does that mean for the ordinaryContinue reading “038”


[I have had trouble formatting this post, I apologies I don’t know what up with it.] Nietzsche in his work Thus Spoke Zarathustra writes; “wherever I find a living being I find the will to power” He writes in the persona of Zarathustra “life itself told me this secret!”… Life: “I am that which mustContinue reading “036”


The problem of authority, traditionally authority was a problem in the political domain relating to the philosophy of Philosophy. Since however it appears to become a problem in the most general sense of Philosophy. Under whose authority can statements, be made regarding the nature of reality? At times iv been told just stop making statementContinue reading “034”


Social Constructionism It is this motion Sociology that opened the floodgates to the post truth era. delving us into the modern-day political mess we are in today. The post truth era is marked by appeals to emotion, most evident in political climate concern, identity politics and economic mass immigration. The good thing about philosophy isContinue reading “031”