I figured out what I lost, I lost my emotional attachment to these topics. Which I guess is a good thing from an analytic point view, however not form a romantic point of view. The romanticists held that emotion, beauty and reason should go together. That philosophy should be poetic, beautiful and reasoned. It’s anContinue reading “064”


Hi everyone, sorry iv not been posting. I feel thankful today, I’m thankful for my good health, my improving mental health, I’m thankful I’m no longer on Facebook. It’s given me the mind space I need to get better and move past a lot of the anger I held for the world. I wanted toContinue reading “060”


What is a Moral? There are morals and there ethics more often than not the two are conflated, yet they described in actual fact two very different things. We feel morals hence we have morality it describes behaviour and we write down ethics. Doctors have a code of ethics- morals are the prevailing standards of behaviorContinue reading “056”