Hello everyone, hope you all are keeping well in these uncertain times. My mental health seems to be improving leaps and bounds, I’m continually discovering new things about myself. I’m becoming more and more individualized; I’m discovering what makes me a salve to myself and gradually overcoming that salve to passions aspect of myself.  I’mContinue reading “065”


Hello everyone, I hope to all it applies you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. It’s be a hell of year for everyone I think, it been an a year full of state inference in our privet lives. It’s been a year where we seem to have moved into a autocracy withContinue reading “061”


At the start of the year, I found myself in a metal hospital due to multiple factors including stress form the Lockdowns and childhood abuse. These abuse lead to lets say bad behave going through to my adult years, for five year previous I was trying to change that behaviour yet I always fell shortContinue reading “025”