Hello everyone, I hope to all it applies you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. It’s be a hell of year for everyone I think, it been an a year full of state inference in our privet lives. It’s been a year where we seem to have moved into a autocracy withContinue reading “061”


What is it that makes a globalist? There’s globalism the recognition that the technology has effectively shrunk distance by making it easier and quicker to cross vast distances. A globalist thinks that this enviably means that a Global Government is necessary. Which it may very well do. However, what does that mean for the ordinaryContinue reading “038”


Blog 011 so, what can philosophy suggest to help? well since around the time of the sceptics around 100 BCE Relativism, Scepticism, stoicism and more modern philosophy such as Pluralism and Pragmatism have tried to insist that man should not wholly invest themselves in ideology, that man should treat all new information sceptically and bewareContinue reading “011”