Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. It’s been a sad few days for me as iv had to put my dog Bonnie to sleep, it’s been very difficult for all the family. Everyone reacts differently towards grief, for my mum its expresses itself as remorse– For my brother it expresses itself as anger.Continue reading “082”


Maps of Meaning Noumena is the opposite of personal is as in a standard metaphysical sense – noumena: the posit object as it exists in itself outside of human existence. Perhaps there isn’t some specific thing – perhaps human being is another state superposition. Like if there was no other life then or even whyContinue reading “044”


At the start of the year, I found myself in a metal hospital due to multiple factors including stress form the Lockdowns and childhood abuse. These abuse lead to lets say bad behave going through to my adult years, for five year previous I was trying to change that behaviour yet I always fell shortContinue reading “025”


To understand the origin of compassion care and concern we have to dispel an old myth. That myth being Group Selection. Group Selection was championed by V.C. Wynn-Edwards in 1960 and popularised by an American TV show “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”. This is a misconception of the evolution of behaviour, Group selection was doneContinue reading “017”


Blog post 016 adapted form an essay I wrote in 2019. It is a bit of an annoyance to me that largely epistemologically speaking that knowledge is considered a subset of belief, in some manner that knowledge itself is uncertain rather than belief. That belief is considered a necessity to knowledge in the first IContinue reading “016”


Blog 012, Theory of Aesthetic Mental Images. Aesthetic mental images play a large part in an animal’s behaviour.  In 1911 Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell presents a Christmas Day Lecture at The Royal Institution, Sir Peter was a zoologist of great weight and is a very respect figure. In his lecture he talked about a seriesContinue reading “012”