Hi all, hope everyone is keeping well. I’ve been thinking a bit more about reciprocity, the give and take in society and what I mean bit and full reciprocity. Reciprocity describes the mutual advantage between parties, in terms of individual interactions such as buying something or providing a service. In exchange for a good orContinue reading “069”


Hi all, hope everyone is keeping well. The other day I wrote “…these values of libertarianism, and individuality are primary to living in equitable world.” I’ve been thinking, what do I mean by “equitable world”. So, I thought I could explore here what I think I mean. The word equitable means fair, treating everyone equally.Continue reading “068”


Hello all, hope everyone is keeping well. I’m struggling once again to find something to write about, yet feel it’s time to write something. I seem to have this pull to write but no thing to wright about. My thoughts of late have been with the ideal human, this feeling, this embarrassment that I’m notContinue reading “067”


Hello everyone, hope you all are keeping well in these uncertain times. My mental health seems to be improving leaps and bounds, I’m continually discovering new things about myself. I’m becoming more and more individualized; I’m discovering what makes me a salve to myself and gradually overcoming that salve to passions aspect of myself.  I’mContinue reading “065”


I figured out what I lost, I lost my emotional attachment to these topics. Which I guess is a good thing from an analytic point view, however not form a romantic point of view. The romanticists held that emotion, beauty and reason should go together. That philosophy should be poetic, beautiful and reasoned. It’s anContinue reading “064”


Hello everyone, I hope to all it applies you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. It’s be a hell of year for everyone I think, it been an a year full of state inference in our privet lives. It’s been a year where we seem to have moved into a autocracy withContinue reading “061”


Hi everyone, sorry iv not been posting. I feel thankful today, I’m thankful for my good health, my improving mental health, I’m thankful I’m no longer on Facebook. It’s given me the mind space I need to get better and move past a lot of the anger I held for the world. I wanted toContinue reading “060”