Hi all, hope you are all keeping well. This is short post, I just wonted to enquire with my readers about something. I noticed that my enjoyments form my newest blog entries has gone down, I wondered, what brought you all here in the first place? I wondered if I was covering topics, you were all interested in and if I was continuing down the right track. So, I thought I would ask. What topics, books or psychology or stories would you like to here more about from me? what got you interested in my blog? How best could I keep on track with your expectations?

Stay well all, I hope to here from you in the comments.

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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