Hello everyone, I hope you all are keeping well. I’m feeling stronger than ever now in my mental health, there has been three factors to my mental health recovery. One is medication that I will soon be coming off of, two is the sessions with my physiologist processing life events and trauma, learning to deal with intrusive thoughts and three is the process iv been documenting here of philosophical journey. Learning about my self through psychology and philosophy has been immensely helpful, learning just what I believe has given me grate insight into myself. It is power over myself and has given me increasing levels of freedom, the will to power is the will power over the self. My emotions control me to an ever-lesser degree, I’m no longer completely a slave to my passions. Yet it’s finding a balance, isn’t it? A balance between emotion and reason, I think emotion is good guide to how one feels about things. Morals are emotional while ethics are reason. Yet there are emotions like anger and jealously that the stoics rightly suggest we should avoid. Anger has played a large role in my life and has governed my motivations for acting in the world to a degree I’m ashamed of, I no longer feel so angary and know that anger was something I permitted, I allowed people and events to make me angry. Know I know this is something I can control, and as it is said the only thing one can truly control is oneself. I can’t say I will never feel anger again, I mean to say that it doesn’t rule me anymore.

The thing about anger is that it is suffering, so I was permitting myself to suffer. Witch wasn’t good, it leads to hate and wonting revenge. Humans want to make other to fell how one is feeling. So not only was I suffering those around me were suffering because I permitted it, I feel immense guilt over such a thing. I don’t think I can ever forgive myself for it. The other thing about anger is that people can use one’s anger one’s emotions in general to control you, so if one is not in control of one’s emotions– in control of oneself others can easily manipulate one. Being govern by one’s emotions is the same as being governed by others and making no free choices. If one makes any choices at all.

The other interesting thing about emotion (relating this back to my last few blog entries) is that it colours one’s perception of reality. Influences one’s motivations and distracts from the truth of things. Now truth, that is an interesting and complex concept. What does one mean by truth? There are many definitions of the word truth: the true and actual sate of matter; conformity with fact or reality; a varied and indisputable fact; proposition; principle; the state or character of being true; actuality or actual existence; an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude. True meaning being in accordance with the actual state or conditions of reality; not false; real; genuine; authentic. For me I think truth is a quality that can transcend mere fact, truth gives meaning to reality. Making reality something more than a fact, I think we as humans need that. So, truth for me I think is something that beyond the material and is a state of being, that is to say we act out the truth. The truth is a condition of matter. Something that is true has the quality of truth, this can be factual and something more. I think though truth is a term at least for myself that is something distinct form a fact distinct from true. We act out truth we state a fact.

I’m still contemplating this term truth, it’s a one of the largest topics in philosophy and has been a topic for discussion for thousands of years. Its hard to talk about the truth as one inevitably claims to have a monopoly by the mere fact of talking about, yet it’s something that I think should continue to be talked about. I’m personally not comfortable with statements of such things as “my truth”, I don’t think anyone has the right to personal truth. Its is as to say one creates their own reality, because truth is inherently linked to reality and the sate of things. Even ones own mental states are contingent on reality, effected by it. Ones own mental states are qualities of reality itself and are fact in so much as these states occur. That doesn’t make them in my opinion true or truth, my psychosis to me is testament to the fact that abnormal mental states occur that cannot be said to be true or truth. Yet are a fact in so much as they occurred or existed, too they have the potential occur again something I must be ever vigilant about. Something I must guard against.

I find the terms, truth and true verry difficult to use. They seem to confuse me, we are so used to just blurting them out– that we never really stop to consider what they or we actually mean when we use them. Some philosophers have attempted to define truth in terms of being mind-independent, meaning a definition that doesn’t depend on whither or not humans can believe or even know the truth. Other sought to define truth as being dependant on the mind, the ability to believe and know the truth. The best thinking in philosophy, science and art decimates between the subjective and objective, appreciating both the unity of reality and the diversity of experience. It’s possible that in the grand scheme things that asking what is the truth is in error, instead we should ask how can we recognise the truth when appears.

For me I think truth of independent of the mind, something that requires no belief or a knowing mind, yet at the same time is something that can be known. Yet may not be directly known if that makes sense. Some things I think will require a bit of faith, others not so much. I do know I want to continue to enjoy the rich diversity of experience, yet I may say that experience my a not always be the truth. We are prone to illusion and delusions– our perceptions can be warped by our mental states. Our memories are imperfect, we like to lie to ourselves. We act this truth out every day collectively. So how can we recognise truth? Something I will have to think about more.

Most of these thoughts are mine other are barrowed from else whare, I’m keenly interested to hear your thoughts whomever you may be. So please leave a comment and start up a chat. As always stay well all and thanks for reading my ramblings.

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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