Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well. Staying with the thoughts of my last few posts, I been thinking more about idealism and reality. I’m at odds with myself, on one hand I believe or want to believe in God and idealism is the philosophical basis for that. On the other hand, I don’t really agree with the forms of idealism namely subjective idealism– that postulates objects or matter only exists is so far as they are perceived by the mind or a mind. Thus, are dependent on a mind to perceive them in order for them to exist. Without the mind objects don’t exist, reality doesn’t exist. That’s makes the postulation that reality is created or built by the mind, ergo reality only exits to the extent that it is perceived. That would make no room for things or reality outside of perception. This to me doesn’t account in and of itself to the fact of the permeance of objects nor the vastness of the universe or universes, reality appears to me to be infante. Objects in and of themselves appears to be both infante and finite, which appears to be contradictory but if we take any finite object– we can keep copping it up and dividing it into an infante amount of peace’s. Right down the quantum level, what’s beyond that no one knows—though conceivably it is made up of even smaller quanta. In order to account for this permeance of objects, other minds and the vastness of the universe. Some philosophers came up with the idea (Berkley I think) that we and all of reality exists within the mind of God or that God is the grate observer in which all things are viewed and made permeant and real.

This view would lend itself to the idea of objective idealism, namely that objects exist independently of the mind in so far as they exist within the mind of God. Objective idealism (idealism in general) arguses against materialism yet also rejects the notions that reality is purely subjective rather it postulates that its relative. I agree with this latter part. Reality indeed is a relative experience. However, I too agree with aspects of martialism, namely that matter is the fundamental substance of reality. Materialism is a form of Philosophical Monism, there are types of monism: Priority Monism that postulates all things return to a source that is distinct form them. That everything is derived from “The One”. Exitance Monism which posits that there is one thing The Universe, which can only artificially be divided into many things. Substance Monism states that a verity of existing things can be explained by a single reality. Dule Aspect Monism that asserts mental and physical are two perspectives of the same substance. Neutral Monism believes the fundamental nature of reality nether mental nor physical, hence is neutral. Monism speaks to my views on pantheism, while objective idealism speaks to my Christian ideas or religious ideas of God. subjective idealism doesn’t speak to any of views at all and I too think lends itself to solipsism, which is a childish and a slippery slope to go down.

So it is that I’m conflicted, Objective Idealism makes God necessary for existence—yet at the same time makes it so that reality is in and of itself an illusion. Materialism makes it possible for God to exists in either the form of the universe itself or a distinct being and creator of things while not making it necessary that reality is an illusion. To relativism could still hold up under a materialist view. So, while not being sure where I sit on this matter I lean towards materialism, namely that mental sates and consciousness are products of material interactions, leaning closely Dule Aspect Monism. I think the belief in God here relies on faith, which isn’t a bad thing. God asks that you have faith and believe in him. In some religions the act of worship is the act of giving thanks for the arbitrary privileges one has, that privilege itself is a test to see what one does with it. Religion then can broadly be seen as a way to give thanks for the good in the world the privileges one has to whatever degree. We know good exists because it is evident that evil exists, it is our responsibility to choose good.

Why is it so important to me you might ask, that I understand my beliefs on reality and God? well it’s because part of knowing yourself and knowing why you act in the world. Without knowing yourself you’re never in control of yourself and could never truly make a choices, so as you are the only person you can control—that is and would be a bad state of affairs. We have the ability to reason that ability to reason grants us our freedom. That ability to reason and reason well has to be based in somethings, the more one knows especially about oneself and what one believes the more freedom one has. Especially to make good choices and not be governed by the passions, ignorance or evil.

Speaking as someone that has lost touch with reality in the past, in delusions and illusions walked through hell, fought in every war, fought against both angels and demons. it’s very important to me that form a good understanding of it. Even if it is just for my own personal philosophy, my own person belief in God. I can say reality is a very important thing that effects and affects all our lives. I want to be sure I never lose touch with it again. I know I never travelled through hell, that I never fought in all the wars and that I never fought angels and demons, yet the feeling I felt left a lasting impression on me. The anxiety, fear and the feeling of helplessness will never leave me. I will never forget it, too it all felt verry real at the time, yet my memory of it has a quality that is unreal that I can distinguish from true events. In all honesty at times, I think it was real. Yet know it cannot be so. I’m not so important that God would single me out to teach me a personal lesson. As well they always have that quality of a dream or nightmare in this regard. So, yes it is important to me that I get a firm grasp of what I truly believe. A firm grasp of reality, I simply cannot believe that everything we perceive is an illusion.

In terms of religion, I think (now never used to) that it is an important aspect of social cohesion that helps unite people under some idea of truth. Without it I think a society and the self is left in conflict because if you’re not united then you are divided. Hence the idea that everything—every perception is equally true simply doesn’t work. We need to defer to some hierarchy some structure or at least it helps people survive as groups. I’m all for pluralism, the diversity of ideas is as important as the diversity of people. Yet at the same it I think it is important that we defer the measurable phenomenon to determine fact. Truth, I think is something different. something I have yet for myself to define and understand what I believe about it. I think there is perhaps a truth the transcends mere fact, yet facts are an effective and important way to navigate the world. But we need more than fact we need meaning. Meaning I think is were religion and faith come in.

I think God fits into the category of unknowable and I think if a God exists which I would like to believe, that God wants it that way. Ignorance of God I think is mercy and is such along with reason– that witch makes us free. It too is that which makes God not a tyrant. Even the angels according to “Paradise Lost” had freewill, how else’s could some of them have chosen the path evil. In “Paradise Lost” the whole war was allowed by God to prove to the warring angels that they were created equal that the only thing that separated them was their choice. The meaning of all this for myself remains somewhat illusive. Like the angels all men (that includes women) are all created equal, we all were created with freewill. It is like with the angels our choices that define us. We may not all be physically fit or capable of academic learning and things of such a kind, some of us are in poverty and others aren’t. Yet we all have reality and free will. In my opinion, it I this that makes us equal.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings. Again, these are just my thoughts on the topic. I would love to hear yours. am I right or working wrong? Did you like what you read? Do you have insights that I might benefit from? Experience and knowledge I might learn from? Let me know in the comments. Stay well all.  

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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