Hi everyone, sorry iv not been posting. I feel thankful today, I’m thankful for my good health, my improving mental health, I’m thankful I’m no longer on Facebook. It’s given me the mind space I need to get better and move past a lot of the anger I held for the world.

I wanted to make the statement today that I don’t see any or at least much difference between facisim and what we call today socialism. Both end up with the state being the source of truth. Untmity they end up in the same pace with totalitarianism, much like the older view of the political spectrum with one end as no government and the other total government. So at the zero end let’s say you would have total anarchy, at the other you’d have facisim and Marxism. While there is an ideological differences there’s no real world difference. The end product is the same the state can do no wrong.

We seem now in my view to be moving towards totalitarianism very quickly here in many western nations, we have moved into health and medical facisim. Soon moving into political facisim. My philosophical journey will move me into understanding this and communicating it as clearly as can. I will try explain the the older political view and bring it to life as opposed to viewing the political spectrum as left Vs right wing politics. I will try to explain my views here as clearly as can, and why the left right political spectrum is poor way to map our world visions. Which is a tall order and, will complexly involve our views of morality and justice.

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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