What image of man do we see in the mirror of our present times?

It is probably the most important question to ask and serval times and keep asking, I keep asking in the hope I am wrong. Its hart to accept that the image of our times is totalitarian. yet it is a question ill keep asking ill keep looking in the mirror of our present times and asking the question who are we? What will we look in the history books?

What I wont to write about today is the Frankfurt School of social research and critical philosophy a school of thought more than anything else, founded in 1923 in the Weimar Republic at the Goethe University. The Frankfurt School is fundamentally a Marxist school of thought focusing on social and power dynamics, most famous for Critical Theory. I started out this research in the view and I will admit it, that this school of thought was or is fundamentally in error. I started biased from this start. I wish to see past my bias, given it a fair shake. I have for the longest time been automatically critical of anything that comes out of the Frankfurt School, it being founded on the same and Hegelian philosophy of left and of Carl Marx, as in Hegelian; In Hegelian philosophy or thought: moral behaviour is that which maintains the ethical unit set up by society. Any ACT by an INDIVIDUAL on their own behalf is considered as without a moral aspect unless, it can be linked in fact or interaction to the greater wellbeing of society. So, in effect to make better your own lot In life would be in Hegelian thought, unethical and amoral (without moral). Even if a mother or father was to refuse signing an execution order to allow one’s son to be executed by society. If one did do so, in Hegelian thought one would be exalted as some kind of moral hero as Abraham was considered a grate man for his faith and willingness to sacrifice his son to God.

Hegelian thought it would appear, sets the stage for social tyranny and calls it good. What is more this Hegelian approach appears at odds with fundimntal nature and biology of man as non Eusocial. Serving as basis for compulsion to duties as dictated by the greater impersonal social system. It is the same philosophy that same collectivist philosophy that allows things like Fascism and Communism to have committed such devastating atrocities though things like dialectical materialism, one party systems and things like the Hitler youth. So, I’m deeply sceptical and critical of anything having links or roots in Marxism and fascism. (not that the Frankfurt School has links to fascism.) For good reason it may be said, however I owe the origins of modern sociology a fair shake. However, it may be said that like Eugenics perhaps sociology too should see the dustbins, however it is difficult to remove the taintedness from the things Eugenics influenced such as Psychology and Psychiatry. Not many people know that social studies have its origins in eugenic thought everything concerning sociality. Ranging from the classification of psychiatrics and in psychology, to how you rase your children. The reaches of Eugenics in the late 18th,19th and 20th centuries went verry deep. Penetrating deeply into the fabrics of our culture and our society.  These collectivist ideologies are pernicious, hard to get rid of and forming at the basis of the Frankfurt Schools notions of normativity. Thus we have the origins of a cultural Marxist research center.

One of its main goals of the Frankfurt studies is to fill in the omissions of 19th century Marxism, addressing the social problems of 20th century witch the 19th century Marxist failed to address. Its version of critical investigation is based upon Freudian, Marxist and Hegelian premise of idealist philosophy. Idealist Philosophy is in effect solipsism, holding that reality is inseparable from human perception and is in a sense mentally constructed. There is two camps of idealist thought, Subjective idealism and Objective idealism, Subjective idealism is the underpinning of this schools critical theory. Subjective idealism holds that objects only exist to the extent that they are perceived by someone. Idealism goes to the extent of asserting all entities rely on the mind for there existence. Not a very sound footing in my opinion to base any theory and call it scientific, too does not address the permanence of objects outside of perception. Yet it is in the school of that sociology is found.

It is so that we can say that sociology is Marxist and of Cultural Marxism, hence from the outset having such a mode of thought is biased in its interactions and pronouncements, making its fundamentally unsound in my opinion. It being based in no objectification and contrary to the notions of critical thinking. I am trying really I am to see the good in sociology yet for the life of me, it is escaping my grasp. I simply and personally cannot trust such a political research study that claims to be scientific.

It is true that today we are faced with a resurgence in Marxist ideology, despite the empirical fact that systems based on his work are doomed to collapse. We have run the experiment but it doesn’t work. The problem is that it’s a nice idea, people want to cling to it as something predominantly good despite the dystopian hell it manifests. Even in nations like China where it appears to be successful are mixed with Capitalist privet sector and totalitarian government while having a command economy.  Marx believed that creative wealth in a capitalist system would flaw to the hands of the few as time goes on that this disparity would widen, he was kind of right but mostly wrong. What Marx identified was what economists have come to know as the “Matthew Principle” using the analytical tool of pareto distribution the principle applies to all human creative activities, it states that 80% of the wealth will flow to 20% of the population. The “Matthew Principle”  { \alpha (α = log45 ≈ 1.16)} is as a natural law the same equation can be used to calculate the physical distribution of gas molecules in a vacuum. It is deeply profound.

Marx characterizes this law naively as a product of the capitalist system and postulated it would require revolution to correct. This is why Marx is predominantly wrong! his supposition lead to the bloodiest civil war conflicts of the late 20th century and the suffering never stopped there. Due to the nature of human organisation the same Mathew Principle doesn’t go away. The result being massive state-run poverty and corruption. With no measure to correct the imbalance because the assumption is that it has been corrected and the state now owns everything contrary to popular belief that people own it. 

As well Marx missed that it is not the same people access time that accrue this wealth it changes hands frequently. Let’s not be naive ether the pareto distribution of creative wealth is an issue, when the divide becomes too much (as it may appear to be) is how society collapse in on itself. There are however better more ethical means to redistribute wealth than this misadventures with Marxism. We can try for example, to deflate our currencies so as to return to a livable quality of life. When money inflates it makes the purchasing power weaker, meaning a 1p sweet in 1950 is now a pound. When money deflates it makes the purchasing power stronger. E.U and UN economists in general believe deflation is a bad thing!  Over the past 50years the cumulative effect on Western currency is between 500-600% inflation. It’s why one can’t effectively live off of a minimum wage. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if wages increased relative to inflation but they don’t. To do that would decrease profit margins and collapse businesses as well as lower growth and ultimately plunge everyone rich and poor into debilitating poverty and recession. Because they are just as affected by weaker currency as you are.

The argument is that for some weird reason economists suggest that as prices decrease so do people’s willingness to buy. However is that TRUE? If in deflation your purchasing power is up then you will be able to buy more as your money goes further. They also suggested that it is bad because people tend to borrow less living within their means comfortably. While what little they have just sitting on it becomes an investment, this seems to be a good thing to me. Rather than basing growth on debt growth (meaning that debt is a consumable product for banks and lenders and government to sell at rates that increase their profits, holding debt becomes an asset to creditor who can sell it on.) would be based on market value and production of goods and services.

We can never forget that that person you’re prepared to put to wall for being successful is a human being. In Marxist revolution there is no time for humanity, humanness or human decency. The communist manifesto makes no attempt to hide that it intends by force to overturn all other political and economic social systems, being dissatisfied with them.

As Adam Sachaff attests “Marx and Engals and, later Lenin” suggested peaceful revolution through “class struggle”. Class struggle describes a form of identity politics, it divided people by class and wealth. Do not be fools this is not an ethical or peaceful way to revolution, its how to manifest such deep resentments that violence is inevitable. While attending this dystopia with manifest oppression. Because man is not all good and government and society tend towards tyranny.

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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