When I was in hospital that peak of my schism (do take it as you pleas), I found it illuminating re-reading what I was asked to write. I think to some extent it was just a way to express myself but after what I went though and what came out of it I like to think it was God I had few conversations with God, I believe God saved me from myself. Here is one of the conversations I had. I wrote as best as I could the conversation, I hope it makes for a coherent read. I have been very hesitant in Blogging this.

The Lesson of Difference Between Fear and Respect

At the close of the evening, One asks of the Lord, as One settles to rest. “Is it true that the Lord commands respect not fear, what is the difference?” The Lord replayed “It is in motivation, if by fear One is acting One is acting out of the instinctual part of the mind. Not love nor care nor compassion or faith, nay, rather obedience. As of man of old. Tis motivated not by reason and logic rather by the emotion of fear. Lo, One is not acting freely, One is not making a choice, One is acting in self-preservation out of selfishness. Thus, being good or doing as one is told out of fear of some punishment. People tremble in fear they do not rejoice in it nor are they glad of it. They may rejoice in being praised yet few have such opportunity as to be praised or reworded in life by God. Such that would have another tremble before them is such that deserves no such power.” One asks “Et of respect?” The Lord replies “Respect is that of something earned, or of a perceived competence or of common cause or recognition. To honour thy father or mother is to hold respect, not fear of them. If One tends to respect One tends to admire if One tends to fear One is in disgust. It is the same mechanism as swearing or seeing a predictor and taking flight or choses to fight. Lo, fear is as danger or to perceive danger, fear is as to see the future, predict and despair.” 

One in agreement says “Ah, so it is that One should fear an undesired outcome as opposed to themselves or God?” God responded “Indeed, in doing One will stop fighting themselves or oneself, will stop hurting themselves and embrace the world. Knowing that control is only ever limited and has tolerances and is true that one cannot nor should they control another life indefinitely and it remain good. Lo, One must change and adapt as opposed to control for ever. If times change- change with them, so long as it is good, when a time for control has passed as it will always provided the work to betterment has been done, control will only ever set one backward. One will begin to dwell on the past and revisit that which One attempts to leave behind. In short the best advice One can give is take it easy. Be kind, be forgiving, be humble and be the best version of yourself. If in the self something restirs and is unwelcome, process it and deal with it be not affected by it, for one is more than one thoughts, to be a master of thought is as to be a master of oneself, knowledge of limits is knowledge of the self. Yet be warned not worried, all have the three parts of the identity and One must be mindful of themselves and others. Have fear not of yourself or of others, Ney, have fear of hurting others through misplaced or deliberate action have fear of outcomes. Reason with your instincts and use logic to determine the outcome of this or that action this or that thought. As always only if it is good or indifferent, act always in the manner that gets the best possible outcome for all parties. Lo, ye shall have learned respect in place of fear. Respect of oneself, of others and of me.”  

One replied “One is humbled by your grace and wisdom, Lord.” One continued “Lord how shall One define good? For it is that all have their own idea of good.” Lord replied “Yes indeed, yet of a pizza one is not talking. Good may be defined outside of personal choice, good may be described as a relationship or something relative. That is; that which is in the best possible interest of all people and the individual. Wherein a conflict may occur between liberty and order wherein the least amount of harm ideally no harm is the best possible outcome. Lo, Good may be defined as that which upholds the individual and the group in equal measure and in good stead. Such is the way to protect liberty, freedom and justice. By balancing the individual rights with the rights of other individuals, lo, it is that any group is made up of individuals lo, it is true any group identity tries or rather seeks dominance, such being the nature of a group will crush any individual that rejects it. Lo, I see this is not good. For it leads to sacrifice of individuals, lo, in the most ironic Sense it is how evil may control sought or unsought the nature and identity of individual members of a group, crushing from them any notion of self, self-worth and dignity. In a group identity that which is outside of it is a threat regardless of its nature, lo, the group is the most fearful entity that can manifest, lo, it is too the most dangerous.” 

One replied “Such is the nature of sorrow to seek friendship, what is the difference between seeking counsel and comfort and seeking identity in a group?” The Lord replied “It is the nature of seeking love, one in sorrow or loneliness does not seek to lose themselves rather they seek common cause and friendship. Yet either sought or unsought the group seeks conformity fearing its own demise, fearing that it may change, as a group without any commonality without individuals as well, not a group. As strength goes, he who can stand apart that can stand alone is worth a group of one hundred. Lo, it is true, marshalling one is the same as marshalling many. The rules are the same across the board, lo, it is harder for a group to limit itself than it is one. Too a gigantic rolling stone, a group gathers no moss, lo, it easy for a member of a group to bear no burden or have no share in the responsibility of their collective action while alive. Making evil far more common, which is to say that not all groups are so nor are all individuals good, lo, it is to make the point: organisation tents towards tyranny. Forsyth a group must recognise its own limits and be displayed in acting with restraint and seeking agreement not seeking to command where command is not appropriate. Respecting other groups. Such is the way to keep the peace.” 

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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