Blog 014. Finally having fully finished Friedrich Nietzsche ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, it truly is a profound and complex book, filling my mind full of image’s. It’s too like a road map for self-improvement or self-overcoming. Its one those books I had for a while and having read the preface I thought that was enough boy was I wrong.

There is more to this book than any preface can express, if only I had read it sooner. It is definingly a book that by its own merit deserves rereading, reading just a chapter over again I find layers upon layers of subtext of things that need unpacking. The mind that wrote this book was a mind deeply troubled by philosophic thinking almost like an affliction. Namely what does it mean to be mortal, in my opinion, what does it men to be man importantly how to overcome ourselves particularly without God. That I think is why it is meant for individuals and works best as book about self-betterment that any commentary about society. So ill review it in terms of what it meant to me and its aesthetics in Blog posts to come when iv fully come to terms with what I think these things are.

It truly is a life altering books and eggs you on to keep trying harder to become the best version of yourself, in in terms I could understand urges one to cope with the suffering in one’s life and bare it as the perishing of leave. Both in terms of historic suffering and new sufferings, the superman must surpass man over and over again and it is this that makes someone a superman finding it within themselves to be happy and strong the perfect image. It paints a picture I think of an alcoholic perhaps that never touches a drop of alcohol again in his or her life as a superhuman because addiction never goes away it’s a draw that is always recurring and such imagery can be extrapolated out in any number of habits, and it is the self-overcoming that changes society in terms of individuals bettering themselves, It heralds that individuals make all the difference in the world.   

We all of us are searching for heroes for greatness for supermen, on the pathway way we think we find them, yet they are too looking for heroes. The hero truly is within is we just have to overcome ourselves, that is how supermen are born in the self-overcoming. In the final part of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Zarathustra is on a journey down a road after a cry in pain looking for the grate sufferer, saying that no one shall come to harm in his kingdom. On his journey he I think keeps meeting images of man and himself (ourselves) he meeting two Kings then a man with his arm in a swamp getting bitten by leaches, the philosopher, a sorcerer trying to trick Zarathustra and the servant pope, the Ugliest man – the serpent – the killer of god, the voluntary bigger this good man with goodness before the mob or group of cows. The shadow of himself his best shadow that has sat wherever he has sat and been wondering & wandering where is his home.  All seeking something all being turned towards this Higher Man towards the rich honey if found in Zarathustra’s cave. Longing for happiness and safety is their folly however as Zarathustra rejects them returning to his cave and hearing that cry of suffering again realising it was all them all along. This collective images of Man that must be overcome. Saying his children are yet to come while these men are higher men there is still higher to come, Zarathustra calls these higher men still come his children is perfect men his superman.  Men that have already found their joy, there safety and their happiness in themselves.

When it came time that his guest grew tired of speeches like water and being tore down they cried out for supper and wine being promised a meal. Saying they would not be fobbed off all came together to create this Last Supper, the kings brining whine on an ass, Zarathustra offering up fresh lamb garnished with sage all well content even the voluntary beggar whom was made happy by grinding his own corn and drink his water so long as it made him happy. In a sense it takes many parts to make up a whole meal.

When the air grew stale and decaying and Zarathustra had took his leave and discovered how much he loved his wild animals, soon however he would be called back to his cave to the sorcerer having lured the guests into disrepute and voluptuousness with song. Excluding the conscientious man of science whom because of his fear escaped the sorcerer’s song and took pride in his victory here. Called in Zarathustra being the strongest tower of will asking him to bring back the good air as he returned, he saw that his guests had stared down the path of disgust again. So, by their own will to keep the good air promised to be in good cheer and not start back down old paths. Begging Zarathustra to stay the wondering shadow having stole the old sorcerers harp let out a psalm to clean air and woman the Orient. And Zarathustra’s guests became joyous and full of cheer again though Zarathustra was unhappy with them, though they were laughing at themselves, and Zarathustra saw this was good and were making progress. They were laughing differently but they were old men and laughed in their own way.  Zarathustra took his leave and was happy sitting with his animals about him in the good air outside his cave. Soon the midnight was to come.

More to come.

I am going to end again by asking the question: “Man defines himself by his deeds – and what kind of image of man do we see in the mirror of our present times?” Friedrich Schiller

Published by Engine Mortale

Engine Mortale is my chosen pseudonym, I’ve chosen a pseudonym because I think it most appropriate as some of work will be rather personal. I figured this was the best way. I’m an autodidact, my to prominent fields of study’s are behaviour and philosophy, most recently art and poetry have been of keen interest. I hope genuinely that some good comes out of my out of this thing i call a life, if nothing else just that.

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